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Stock As Margin

You got stocks in your dp and want to gain from market movement without transferring funds to your trading account then this facility is for you. Kotak Securities gives you margin up to 83% of stock valuation** in your DP. Trade on margin given against stocks and clear any debit till EOD to avoid debit in your account. No extra paperwork is required to avail this service.

If you have 100,000 worth of stocks in your dp you will get margin up to 83,000 against your stocks. Using scrip multiple you can buy stocks up to 83,000 x 6 = 4,98,000.


  • Get Upto 83% of value of your stock as margin.
  • Allows you to buy more shares.
  • Buy stocks and clear debit at EOD.
  • Trade without transferring funds.

+ Expand AllFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • QIs this facility available to all clients?
  • QIs this facility avaible under all exchanges?
  • QWhere to I find margin given against my stocks?
    ALogin to website or any of the trading platform* and check limit page (Limit given against Shares).

Please login and visit customer care section for details.

** Margin given against stocks depends upon stocks category. Kotak securities can change stocks category without prior intimation, change in categorization depending upon market conditions and other risk criteria.

  • You can place trade from different Trading Platforms like KEAT, KST, Website, XtraLite
  • Disciplined approach towards investing
  • Avoid wrong investment timing
  • Power of compounding
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