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Open a demat account in Chennai

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  • Zero maintenance charges
  • Zero fees for demat account opening
  • Volume based brokerage
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  • Chennai has something for everyone. Business is booming in India’s fourth-largest city, which attracts is home to both industry and the arts. Historical architecture, great food, and a rich culture are just some of the things that make Chennai so unique and special.

    Besides, this cosmopolitan city in South India has quite a few firsts to its name. The first shopping mall in India arrived here, as did the European banking system. That Chennai has always been forward-thinking is beyond doubt.

    As a Chennai resident, you may like to think ahead too! If you are planning for the future, a Kotak Securities demat account could help your plans along.

    Kotak Securities demat account: Benefits:

    Speedy transfers

    Time is of the essence in the bustling capital of Tamil Nadu. Transfer shares with ease and speed through your Kotak Securities demat account.

    Hassle-free experience

    You won’t miss sending and collecting share certificates to and from registrars. Once you have a demat account, you can trade from the comfort of your Chennai home.

    Digital advantage

    Chennaites are no strangers to technology. You are sure to appreciate that Kotak Securities digitises your share certificates. All your holdings are stored online.

    Transparent fee structure

    Kotak Securities outlines its brokerage fees clearly, helping you to save on hidden charges. Use the money saved to make investments—and maybe even to buy gold.

    Safety prioritised

    Every Chennaite values safety. With the Kotak Securities demat account, you can finally stop worrying about the loss, damage, or even forgery of your share certificates.

    Restriction-free trading

    Kotak Securities will not dictate how you should trade. You are free to buy or sell even a single share without any restrictions.

    Power of 3-in-1

    Chennai combines the traditional, the modern, and the eclectic. As for the Trinity Account? It brings the triple benefits of demat, trading, and savings accounts under one platform.

    Margin trading advantage

    Big-city life has many expenses. But you should never miss a trade because you’re short on funds. The margin trading facility brings the capital you need.

    Intraday freebie

    Chennaites love finding a good deal. And here’s a sweet one from Kotak Securities: Get ready to indulge in intraday trading completely free of charge.

    Trade via mobile app

    Put the laptop away and get with the times. Kotak Securities lets you trade online via your trusty smartphone. Track your portfolio and place orders at any time.

    Insightful research

    Your demat account gives you unrestricted access to an extensive virtual library. Read market reports and detailed research on trading and finance at the click of a button.

    Living in Tamil Nadu but not in Chennai? You can open a demat account in Coimbatore as well.