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Open a demat account in Hyderabad

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  • Zero maintenance charges
  • Zero fees for demat account opening
  • Volume based brokerage
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  • Hyderabad blends the traditions of a former princely state with the pace of the latest technology. The city of the Nizams is home to some stunning historical monuments. These form a charming contrast to Hyderabad’s technological aspirations.

    An upcoming IT hub, Hyderabad’s Hitech City draws professionals from around the country. Google, IBM, and Tata Consultancy Services all have offices there.

    The city has a great cosmopolitan vibe. Plus, the cost of living is low and the food here is great. If you live in Hyderabad, you are probably saving a lot on day-to-day expenses compared to other cities.

    What should you do with the money you save? You could invest in equities. A demat account from Kotak Securities could set you on the right path.

    Reasons to get a Kotak Securities demat account:

    • Swift transfers

    Your commute to Hitech City may not always be easy but trading can be a cinch. Trade via the Kotak Securities demat account and watch transfers happen at top speed.

    • Anytime trading

    Waiting for your Hyderabadi biryani at Paradise? Work in a spot of stock trading while you wait. Buy into the day’s top picks through your demat account.

    • Less paperwork

    Keeping your documents in order can be a drag. A demat account eases things by storing your share certificates in digital form. Goodbye, pointless paperwork.

    • Cost-effective option

    As a Hyderabadi, you are used to getting value for your money. Kotak Securities shaves off any extra charges on your demat account. You benefit from a streamlined fee structure.

    • Secure option

    Hyderabad is known for its safety. So is your Kotak Securities demat account. All your share certificates are fully secure and stored electronically.

    • Trade freely

    Kotak Securities keeps things simple for demat account holders. You can buy even a single share if you like. There are no volume restrictions to worry about.

    • Triple benefit

    Time is of the essence for Hyderabad’s workforce. Save time and effort with the 3-in-1 offer. Enjoy seamless integration between your trading, demat, and savings accounts.

    • Margin funding

    Running short of capital? That’s no reason to miss out on a good trade. Simply opt for the margin trading facility and get the funds you need.

    • Trade Free Plan

    Kotak Securities has a treat for intraday traders: You get to buy and sell shares in a single day at no extra cost. Every day can feel like Diwali, Christmas, or Eid.

    • Smartphone trading

    With a Kotak Securities demat account, you can trade from anywhere. Sipping tea at your local Irani cafe? Take a moment to buy or sell shares through your smartphone.

    • Insight from experts

    It’s easy to make the right moves when the information is at your fingertips. Kotak Securities brings you all the latest market research. Never miss an update again!

    Don’t live in Hyderabad? No problem. Kotak Securities offers demat services in these cities too: