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Open a demat account in Kolkata

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  • Zero maintenance charges
  • Zero fees for demat account opening
  • Volume based brokerage
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  • Kolkata, the city of joy, has much to be happy about. It is expanding at a marvellous rate and there is an uptick in job creation. You will find new restaurants and malls, better roadways, many housing options… The city of rosogolla and Satyajit Ray is looking ahead to a bright future.

    This is a transition phase for Kolkata and its residents. With more money in their hands, people are free to not only spend but also save and invest for the coming years.

    Is wealth creation on your priority list? Are you drawn to the promise of high returns from stock market investments? A demat account with Kotak Securities could kick-start the investment process for you.

    Why open a Kotak Securities demat account?

    • Trade at your convenience

    Waiting for friends at Coffee House? Heading to work on the metro? Grab the spare moment to buy or sell shares via your demat account online.

    • Easy online transfers

    Everyone in Kolkata has a data connection nowadays. To trade on the stock markets, that’s all you need. Transfer shares online with ease through your Kotak Securities demat account.

    • Paperwork minimised

    Folders full of share documents? Leave that to historians studying Kolkata in colonial times. Stock holdings in your demat account are all stored digitally now.

    • Cost-effective option

    If you are on a tight budget, here’s some good news: With Kotak Securities, you save on brokerage fees. Get a demat account to benefit from the streamlined fee structure.

    • Safe and secure

    Prone to worries about misplacing your stock certificates? Set your fears aside. Kotak Securities safeguards your holdings in secure electronic form.

    • All-in-one offer

    Check out the Kotak Securities Trinity Account. When you open a demat account, you also get a trading and a savings account to boot. It’s a year-round Durga Puja bonanza.

    • Trade Free Plan

    Every last Kolkatan loves a freebie. So, here’s one for intraday traders: You can buy and sell securities within a single trading day at no added cost.

    • Trade the way you like

    Have your own way of doing things? No problem! Kotak Securities places no restrictions on how you trade. Demat account holders can trade even a single share if they prefer.

    • Enjoy the margin facility

    Life in Kolkata is cheaper than the other metros—but it’s not that cheap. If you find yourself short on capital, use margin trading. Get the funds you need to make your trade.

    • Access to research reports

    New to the stock markets? Looking for a little insight? Wondering about a trade you want to make? Kotak Securities offers a variety of research reports to help you out.

    • Trade via mobile app

    Ever tried trading on the go? The Kotak Securities mobile app allows you to trade via your smartphone. Try it out the next time you’re stuck in traffic at Esplanade.

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