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Open a Kotak Securities demat account in Pune

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  • Zero maintenance charges
  • Zero fees for demat account opening
  • Volume based brokerage
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  • There is so much going on in Pune. One of the fastest-growing cities in India today, Pune is witnessing a real estate boom. You may know Pune for its educational institutions. But the city is also an upcoming IT hub.

    Hip and happening Pune is clean, green, and well-maintained. With job opportunities on the rise, this is boom-time for the city’s economy. Pune residents have many reasons to smile.

    If you are a Punekar, this is a good time as any to navigate the stock market. Take your first step by opening a demat account with Kotak Securities.

    Advantages of a Kotak Securities demat account:

    Safety first

    Safety is a given when you live in Pune. But are your stock holdings safe? Yes, they are. Your Kotak Securities demat account stores them in secure electronic form.

    Trade anywhere

    Stuck in rush-hour traffic at Hinjewadi? Whip out your smartphone for a spot of stock trading. The Kotak Securities mobile app lets you trade from anywhere.

    Easy on the pocket

    For a rising city, Pune is still quite affordable. So, why should your stock trading be pricey? Cut down on brokerage costs with a Kotak Securities demat account.

    Restrictions minimised

    Want to trade just one share? No problem! Your demat account allows you to follow your trading and investment strategy diligently.

    Margin trading

    Don’t let a shortage of funds get you down. Let the Punekar in you grab the controls. Opt for the margin trading facility. Use the funds to buy the best picks of the day.

    Research insights

    You already know the best shortcuts to beat traffic. With research reports from Kotak Securities, you can cut through the information overload and make the right trade.

    Intraday advantage

    Do you prefer to buy and sell stocks within a single trading day? Enjoy trade free plan with a Kotak Securities demat account.

    Digital holdings

    Physical share certificates are old news in high-tech Pune. The new-age answer is the Kotak Securities demat account. Store your assets in digital form and minimise the paperwork.

    Living elsewhere in Maharashtra? You can open a demat account in these cities too:

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