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A superior online trading platform - smarter & faster than before!

In this age of 5D and 7D high-definition animation, where you find animated characters come to live narrating their story, then why not the real stock prices?

Your favourite online trading platform KEAT Pro - has now been upgraded to a superior online trading platform, namely KEAT 3.0. So that, you experience a whole new level of trading with stock prices, charts, research and more coming to live right before you.

Now, gear up for the market action day to 'Buy' and 'Sell' or 'Research' and 'Analyse' stocks, market data and other trading assets in real-time at a lightning speed.

Benefits of trading with KEAT 3.0

  • Absolutely FREE

    Access this superior trading platform with multiple personalized features absolutely FREE with your Kotak Securities trading account.
  • Highly Integrated

    Monitor assets and execute trades across segments -equity cash, equity futures & options, currency and commodity from a single online trading platform.
  • Customizable

    Create watchlists across stocks, sectors, indices, asset classes (currency + commodity) as per your trading choice. Also, you can customize the interface suitable to your viewing comfort.
  • Complete Control

    You get to identify, analyze & execute trades as per your trading strategy. Check order placement, trade confirmation, monitoring day's gain & loss and also overall portfolio plus more all as per your convenience.

Key Features of KEAT 3.0

  • Easy to use trading platform
  • Live streaming of stocks, currency and commodity prices
  • Swift order processing
  • User friendly UI/ UX design for easy navigation & browsing
  • Advanced charting (Chart IQ) for technical traders
  • Well research stock recommendations both for short & long term investments
  • Get the edge with Live options chain in Nifty + Bank Nifty weekly and monthly options
  • Complete account/ investment details on a single platform
  • Personalized multiple watchlists
  • Private workspace with all information on a single screen for focussed trading
Why KEAT 3.0
  • Highly integrated
  • Easy to customize
  • Complete portfolio control
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Get Started with KEAT 3.0

Time for the real action! KEAT 3.0 could be a game-changer for your trades. Follow these easy steps to begin your KEAT 3.0 trading experience:

Step 1: Login to your trading account on www.kotaksecurities.com with your User Id, Password, and Security Key/Access Code.

Step 2: Click on the 'Trading Tools' tab and select 'KEAT 3.0'.

Step 3: Click on the 'Download' button to install it on your device - desktop/ laptop/ tablet etc.

Not sure which version of KEAT 3.0 is running on your machine? To find out, click on 'Help' and then choose 'About Us'. You could also check the top header of the main terminal.

Have questions about software updates? Whenever we introduce improvements, your KEAT 3.0 version gets automatically updated. You can start using any new features right away!

Download Now (Beta Version) > 

Please note the minimum system requirement as follows:

Minimum Requirement
Operating System Windows 10 (since SSL and TLS 1.2 is used for secure channel connection and Microsoft Windows 7 doesn't support TLS 1.2)
.Net Framework 4.7.2 or greater version.
WebView Windows 10 (Download URL: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/webview2

+ Expand AllFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q Do I have to pay for the KEAT 3.0 trading platform?

    No. KEAT 3.0 trading platform is available FREE of Cost for all the online trading customers of Kotak Securities.

  • Q What is KEAT 3.0?

    KEAT 3.0 is a comprehensive, easy-to-use desktop-based online trading platform. It is a high-speed trading tool that allows you to monitor and analyse the live market action, and also execute trades at real time speed. KEAT 3.0 allows you to take complete control over your trading requirements from one single platform - be it market watch, research, advanced charting, trading, reports or any other Value-Added Services. KEAT 3.0 uplifts your trading experience to a whole new level.

  • Q How can I download and install KEAT 3.0?

    To download KEAT 3.0, you need to Login to your trading account on www.kotaksecurities.com by using your User Id, Password & Security Key. Click on Products - Trading Tools and Select Keat 3.0. Click the button "Download" to start downloading KEAT 3.0 on your system.

    You can also start your download by clicking here.

    Installation - Click here to view the installation manual.

  • Q What is the minimum system requirement for KEAT 3.0 to function properly on my computer?

    The minimum system requirement for smooth functioning of KEAT 3.0 is as follows:

    1) Operating System : Windows 10 (since SSL and TLS 1.2 is used for secure channel connection and Microsoft Windows 7 doesn't support TLS 1.2)

    2) .Net Framework : 4.7.2 or greater version.

    3) WebView : Windows 10 (Download URL: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/webview2)

  • Q Is the Watchlist same in KEAT 3.0, FASTLANE & Website?

    Yes, the set watchlist remains the same in Keat 3.0, FASTLANE and Website. In case you make any changes in a particular watchlist, the same gets reflected on other trading platforms as well.

  • Q How do I check the version of KEAT 3.0?

    You can check the current version by clicking on 'About' on the top-right corner of the screen.

  • Q Do I need to keep an eye for future updates?

    No! If there is an update, KEAT 3.0 will automatically seek your permission to update when you open the software.

  • Q How do I create a Watchlist using KEAT 3.0?

    You can create a new watchlist by:

    1. Clicking "New watchlist" under Home menu

    2. Edit the default watchlist by adding/removing scrips-

    To add a scrip, simply search for the scrip in the search bar or PRESS Ctrl+S on the top right. Click on the scrip and it will be added to your watchlist. To save a watchlist, right-click anywhere in the blank space of the watchlist and click on save watchlist.

    3. You may also choose from our pre-defined set of watchlists

  • Q How do I trade using KEAT 3.0?

    You can place your trade by any of the following methods:-

    1. Click on "Buy" or "Sell" under Home menu

    2. Right-click on any scrip and click on Buy/Sell

    3. Press F1 to "Buy" and F2 to "Sell" the active scrip

    4. Press "+" to Buy and "-" for Sell order

  • Q Can I create a single watchlist where I can view both NSE, BSE & NSE Currency prices and compare them?

    Yes, watchlist in Keat 3.0, FASTLANE and Website will be the same. Incase, you make change/s in any watchlist, it gets reflected on all the three places.

  • Q Can I migrate my watchlist from KEAT 3.0 to website and vice versa?

    Watchlists on Keat 3.0, Fastlane & Website are same so there is no need for migration.

  • Q If I face problem while installation & functioning of KEAT 3.0, what should I do?

    To get help for installation of KEAT 3.0 and also for trouble shooting, you can get in touch with our Customer Care team at . Our representatives will be happy to resolve your queries.

  • Q How do I view my orders and positions?

    1. You can view your orders and trades from the "Reports" section under the "Trade & Report" menu

    2. You can view your positions from the "Positions" section under the "Trade & Report" menu. A consolidated summary can be seen at the bottom of the window after you open Today's or Open Positions.

  • Q How do I add funds or pledge margin?

    You can view these features in the "Fund Transfer " section under the "Web Links" menu.

  • Q Can I access tools and services from the Kotak Securities Website?

    Yes! You can use account related services, view your ledger, add funds, view portfolio, Value-Added Services, TradeSmart facilities and view relevant websites all in the KEAT 3.0 software. Click on the "Weblinks tab" and explore the same.